Jan 24th - 26th, 2024 ESPAÑOL

Dear Industry Professional

We are pleased to invite you to join us at Expo Transporte y LogĂ­stica Guadalajara 2021.

Expo Transporte y Logistica Guadalajara offers suppliers of products and services in the logistics, goods and passenger transportation sectors the opportunity to establish contact and forge business relations with thousands of potential buyers in El Bajio, western and central Mexico, which are among the regions with the highest economic growth and industrial diversity in the country.

Increase your sales

Identify prospective buyers
in an environment conducive to doing business
Dialogue with buyers
to find solutions
Obtain valuable market information
from conversations with colleagues and competitors
Develop your business relations
with existing and prospective clients

Expo Transporte y Logistica GDL 2021

The economic dynamism of Mexico's Bajio, central and western regions have established these as a major commercial zone with considerable logistics requirements, while the steady growth and diversification of the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, make this the ideal venue for Expo Transporte y Logistica.

Shore up your commercial strategy

  • Promote your brands and products to a professional audience
  • Gain access to the perfect platform for launching and demonstrating your products
  • Garner specialized media exposure for your company
  • Train your clients in the use and applications of your products and technologies
  • Be a part of our innovative digital publicity campaign

Expo Transporte y Logistica GDL 2021

is a platform designed to showcase services and products related to the transportation of goods and passengers, and logistics solutions. Its focus is on markets in El Bajio, western and central Mexico, thereby guaranteeing a professional, specialized audience interested in making purchases in the short term.

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